The Veterans Honor Roll was located in front of the Amity Baptist for several years. In the early 2000's the church asked the town to please find another location for it; they needed to do some landscaping in the area and it was becoming quite weathered and was deteriorating. The wooden Honor Roll was removed and laid against the wood shed at the back of the Reed School until a decision could be made of what to do with it.

After going a few years without an Honor Roll, a small group of residents consisting of Larry Hamilton, Joey Ledger, Hollis Seamans, Ralph Bickford, George Moorhouse, Amanda Cone, and Janice Hall started the work to replace the Honor Roll in 2007. It was decided to have a granite memorial placed in the North Amity Cemetery. Larry worked with Hastey's Monuments in New Limerick to create a monument at a reasonable price the town would approve.dedication stoneDedication Stone

Amity voters approved the article for the monument at the 2008 Town Meeting and it was erected that spring. Sitting next to the Honor Roll is a smaller dedication stone for Hugh Libby who donated the land the monument sits on in memory of his wife and son.