December 2017 Minutes




Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Selectpersons of the Town of Amity, held at the Town Office


December 4, 2017


Present: Glenn Williams, Joseph P. Ledger, Pat Miller, Selectmen,

Margaret Frye, Town Manager, Larry Hamilton, Tom Rainone & Paul Salivanchik.


  1. Meeting opened at 6 PM by Glenn Williams.

  1. Minutes of last meeting were read and accepted.

  1. The Treasurers Warrants were approved and signed.

  1. The Bank Statements and correspondence was opened, signed and approved.

  1. Tom Rainone came to the Selectmen about Jared Cleaves blocking the road to his place with a house trailer. He said it was his only way out and he needed the trailer moved in case of an emergency. Paul and Larry were here with him to express their concerns, The Selectmen told him that it wasn’t a town issue and he should send a certified letter to Jared asking him to move it.

  1. Larry Hamilton put up a beautiful Christmas tree in front of the Reed School. The Selectmen thanked him.

  1. Meeting closed at 7:00 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,


Margaret Frye, Town Manager