Williams Indicted

Reports from both the Bangor Daily News and Houlton Pioneer Times state that Darrell P. Williams, 53, the former Town Manager of Amity was indicted on one count of theft by unauthorized taking of over $10,000 of the town's funds. The indictment alleges the incident took place between 2005 and April 2007 and that Williams did "commit theft by obtaining or exercising unauthorized control over money, property of the town of Amity, of a value of more than $10,000, with the intent to deprive the town of Amity of property." Neale Adams, District Attorney, is remaining close mouthed about the specific details of the case.

Residents noticed a note in Financial Statements of the annual Town Report for 2008, audited by Davis CPA from Presque Isle, that the town was owed $43,410 by a former employee. The report states the amount comes from improprieties in the bookkeeping practices of the former employee. Pages 22 through 25 of the report state the problems with the accounting practices and lists the steps the Town needs to take to avoid another such incident. It also says that the Town Management has agreed to follow up with Davis' recommendations.

Williams resigned his post as Town Manager in April 2007 after the Selectmen, in the annual Performance Review, expressed their dissatisfaction with several issues. During Williams tenure the Town Office burned twice in less than a week. The debris from the building was taken to to the town's gravel pit and another location where they were burned after the Forest Service told Williams not to burn. The Department of Environmental Protection was contacted by a nonresident landowner concerned about possible pollution. After an investigation by the DEP and Forest Service, the Town was taken to court for "burning prohibited material", found guilty, and fined $100 (plus costs). The Town also was responsible for the costs of proper disposal of the remaining materials. The Forest Service also put a prohibition on any burning by the Town unless approved by the Forest Service.

Williams also served as Town Manager for Oakfield at the same time. Williams quit that job during a dispute with the Selectmen over the town's finances and other issues. During his term, Oakfield also had a problem with burning prohibited materials. Over the Transfer Station Manager's objections, Williams allowed the debris of a house from another town to be hauled in and burned on the site. This was about the same time as Amity's problems with burning building debris.

Williams, now residing in Monticello, has had furniture stores in Houlton, Presque Isle, Lincoln, and also owns Northeast Liquidators in Presque Isle with his two sons, Darrell Jr. and Kyle.

Williams also lists "Minister" as one of his professions. He has had several churches in the area, recently preaching at the Pentecostal Church in Monticello.

Watch for updates as Amity Matters is trying to obtain more information and will print any new developments as they occur.