William's Case Update

UPDATE 6/29/09


An email from Assistant District Attorney Pat Gorden was very reassuring to those worried the case was over. He stated, "any plea negotiation has to go through me. There is no deal in place. I will let you know if we work something out."

Gordon has often commented on how slow the wheels of justice turn, "Life is not just an hour tv show." Gordon has also remarked that the Williams' case is really in its infancy considering he is still carrying cases started in 2006. He has said repeatedly that he is not interested in any plea agreement that does not include full restitution to the town. Gordon has also asked for some jail time and probation to follow. As far as a fine, Gordon stated he would rather Williams "focused his resources on paying back the Town than contributing to the State's general fund."

So as it now stands, Willians case is scheduled to be held July 16th at 1 pm at the Superior Courthouse.We encourage residents to attend, if there is no one there to represent the wronged citizens of Amity, it just looks like no one cares.

You may want to come early since the last time Williams was scheduled for the afternoon he had things taken care of in the morning. The seats may be a bit hard (folding up my coat for a cushion made it much more comfortable), but the admission s free and it is the best show in Houlton.