Williams Laughs in the Face of Justice


On Thursday July 16th, Amity's former Town Manager Darrell Williams was again in court for his latest hearing. With the Houlton Courthouse renovations nearly finished, the court sessions are held upstairs in the same room of Williams' first court date. The stairwell was lined with people and the small upper waiting area was standing room only when Williams arrived, smiling and looking confident.

A look which quickly faded as someone on the stairs spoke out, "Hello Darrell, I think there's some folks up there waiting for you." Looking up, Williams' saw the faces of several Amity residents looking down at him. Present for the session was Arthur Hall, Odel Fields, Hollis Seamans, Eli Werber and his friend Daniel.

With only a few cases to dispose of, Judge E. Allen Hunter was soon ready for Williams' case. By then, only two or three other people were left in the courtroom; so the residents of Amity were plainly visible.

Just before the case was to come up, Williams' lawyer, Tory Sylvester, came over to Victims Advocate Becky Miller to ask if any of the officials from Amity were present. Miller turned and asked Werber if there were any. Unfortunately, none of our town's elected representatives were present so Werber suggested that Miller call Margaret Frye, Amity's present Town Manager. Frye referred the caller from the Court to Selectman Pat Miller.