Williams Slides Again!


Williams next court date is March

The on going court saga for former Amity town manager, Darrell Williams, took a turn when it was discovered that a clerical error had extended his case until December of 2010. Once the error came to light, the case was rescheduled for this morning, February 17th, at 9 am.

Today Williams had one supporter by his side; while the same group of citizens who have come to nearly every hearing sat again as a silent presence to remind the court this is not a victimless crime and the perpetrator needs to be punished.

Williams' lawyer Tory Sylvester attempted to give the Victim's Advocate a $2,000 payment for restitution before court convened and asked for another continuance. The Victim's Advocate declined to accept the money; stating that by law Williams needed to plead guilty before she could accept any kind of payment in this case. The ADA declined a continuance.

Once the session started, Sylvester told the court that his client had tried to pay $2,000 in restitution but since the court could not take it he would hold it in an account for his client. He also stated that since the Town of Amity had received an $8,000 check from Travelers Insurance Company (as a payout on Williams' performance bond - "which Williams will have to pay back to them somehow.") along with the $2,000 in his client's account his client only owes a mere $30.000 to the town.