Williams' Day in Orange & Cuffs


Former Amity Town Manager, Darrell Williams, appeared in court today in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs after more new charges were laid against him. The new charges include forgery, violating bail conditions, operating after suspension, invalid license, and speeding. Williams spent Wednesday night in jail and will stay there until his arraignment on the new charges on Friday according to a court official.

Today's court session was for Williams' last chance to decide if he wanted to accept a plea agreement or go to trial. Williams chose a trial so today the Judge, the ADA, and Williams' lawyer, Tory Sylvester, will have a conference. Amity Matters will be updated as soon as information concerning the outcome of the conference becomes available.

Williams' wife, Beth Willliams, was in the courtroom today to watch the proceedings. While the same residents from Amity who have attended nearly every one of Williams many appearances were also present to see their former Town Manager dressed in orange and wearing silver bracelets.

Sylvester again asked for a continuance, but the judge denied it saying they would conference today. Sylvester looked very disappointed and Williams was led away in handcuffs to spend another night in the Aroostook County Jail.

Information from a reliable source said that District Attorney Adams wants Willams to have the entire $42,000 owed in restitution or for Williams to plead guilty to a felony.