Darrell Williams: Felon


On Wednesday, May 19, 2010, Darrell Williams plead "No Contest" to the charge of Theft By Unauthorized Taking. The plea is accepted as a guilty plea by the court. The case was continued until October 20, 2010 for sentencing. A court source said, "There is no deal in place... there may be an offer later, but regardless of any pending offer, he's a convicted felon."

Williams was indicted on the charge on May 8, 2008. Williams can now add Convicted Felon to his list of titles, which include former Town Manager of Oakfield and Amity, CDBG Grant Administrator for Amity/Reed Plantation, owner of several closed businesses (fencing, mattress & furniture, logging operation, etc.), Bangor Daily News Delivery Route Driver, Laborer and Preacher.

Unfortunately no citizens from Amity were present to witness the event. Residents who had faithfully attended every court appearance were, for various reasons, unable to attend the session. The citizens who were at court in the morning could not stay when it became apparent that the case was not going to be taken up until sometime in the afternoon.

An email from Victim's Advocate, Becky Miller, informed us that the Victim's Impact Statements have already been filed with the court. One of former Selectman Glen Clifford's acts before passing away was to help write a "Letter from concerned Amity Residents and Tax Payers" that expressed the over all impact of Williams crime on the town.

Williams' lawyer, Torrey Sylvester, said Williams is working two jobs and is trying to get as much restitution together as possible before sentencing. Sylvester has repeatedly stated for nearly a year that he was holding $2,000 in an account. He also repeatedly claimed that was a substantial amount of restitution for the $40.000 owed the Town. Sylvester informed the court that now there is only $800 in the trust account.