Williams - Forger & Felon


From Pastor and trusted Town Official to convicted Felon is a long fall from grace, but Darrell Williams has managed to fall even further with a recent forgery conviction.

Williams entered a plea of "No Contest" to a charge of Forgery on Tuesday, May 25, 2010. The plea is accepted as guilty by the court. This case has been continued for sentencing also. Information is not available concerning the other charges of Bail Violation, Operating after Suspension, Invalid License, and Speeding.

Williams was accused of forging a signature on a sales document for a Millinocket radio station where he worked briefly at the end of last year.

Pessimists say that Williams won't be punished for all of the misdeeds he has done. Optimists, taking the longer view, noted Williams has not met with the ultimate Judge as that court session has yet to be scheduled.

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