Pneuma is a Rotty little boy and when he was about 7 months old, he saved his family. Pneuma came to live on the farm with our family when he was about 4 months old. He was a happy playful pup. He loves his big doggy brothers, Little Fur and Knot, and big sister Esli Jane. They love to jump and play in the fluffy white snow outside. They play “King of the Hill” on the big snow banks. Sometimes they just like running through the deep snow, plowing a wide path and sending great clouds of sparkling snowflakes flying up into the air. Wintertime is fun for our dogs.

Once inside they like to play “go find” and “tug the sock”. Sometimes they just like to cuddle up on their soft beds and snooze while they warm up. Pneuma likes to play with Osee the black cat and Tuffy the big gold and white one when they are in the mood. All the dogs like to show off and do tricks for a cookie. They love to have company come and pay attention to them. All together, we are a very happy family.

Very early one morning Debby was up and working on the computer in the living room while little Pneuma was lying on the rug behind her chair chewing on a bone. Suddenly he jumped up and ran into the bathroom woofing and chuffing softly. He ran around the bathroom snuffing and woofing; then he ran back out and raced over to the cellar stairs. He started barking excitedly as he peered down over the dark cellar stairs.

Turning in her chair Debby hissed, “Be quiet Pneuma! People are trying to sleep.” He stopped, looked at her for a second or two; then he turned and began barking down the cellar stairs even harder. Debby said sternly, “Pneuma! Stop that barking right now! There's nothing down there! Don't be so foolish!” Pneuma barked harder and louder down the cellar stairs. Debby got up and went to the cellar stairs, just as she was going to tell Pneuma to stop again; she smelled it!

The gas hot water heater was on but it was not venting properly. It was Carbon Monoxide Gas that Pneuma smelled coming up the cellar stairs! Debby ran down the cellar stairs and fixed the vent pipe. When she came back upstairs, she hugged Pneuma tight and called him her hero dog. She gave him a lot of cookies and treats and told him over and over what a good and special boy he was. Pneuma pranced and danced around excitedly. He knew he had done something very important. Something smelled bad and he let his family know something was wrong. He was a hero dog because he kept his family safe from danger.

Written by Debra Cone