Town Office Sign Corrected

The new Amity Town Office sign now displays the correct date of Incorporation.

A typographical error in an email sent to Acott's by the Town Manager made the town young again; even if only for a little while.

In trying to read the worn town seal, the Town Manager mistook the 6 for an 8; it is easy enough to bump between keys and have the wrong number come up.

Shortly after Town Manager Margaret Frye caught the 9, Larry Hamilton caught the 8 and was corrected in a little over a week. Acott's Custom Painting and Detailing did a great job lettering the new sign.

Most folks passing by probably never even realized there was mistake because the sign is readily visible and quite eye-catching at 50 miles per hour so most would never notice the date of incorporation at that spped. The sign should end the often asked question always asked by new folks to town, "Just where is the Town Office?"