Town Officials Miss the Mark by 102 Years

The new Amity Town Office sign recently erected by two of the Town's Selectmen looks nice as one drives by. The dark blue lettering on the bright white background surrounded by a sturdy wooden frame is eye-catching and easily readable. However, stopping on July 20th for a closer look revealed a glaring error.

Amity was incorporated March 19, 1836 - not 1938. The incorporation date is only off by 102 years! 

Recorded history tells us that Edmund Cone took the Articles of Incorporation to Augusta on March 18, 1836. The next day, March 19, 1836, Governor Robert P. Dunlap signed the papers officially designating Number 10 as the Town of Amity. Thus making Amity 181 years old; not the youthful 79 years old shown on the new sign.

It should be easy to correct since the lettering is just stick on numbers. Just move the 8 over where the 9 is, flip the 9 into a 6 and and stick it on the end. That should fix it. Although one has to wonder how such a huge mistake could slip past our town officials.

While speaking with Town Manager Margaret Frye this morning (July 26.2017); she said that she noticed the typographical error about a week and half ago. She is working on getting the sign corrected. We had a good laugh.It really is funny that the error was not noticed when Selectmen Joe Ledger and Glenn Williams erected the sign or by the many who must have seen it, including myself because I really had not paid much attention to it until I stopped at the Town Office last week.