Former resident recalls his school days in Amity


Came across your web site today, never expected to see a web site for Amity. Was told about it by a nephew who lives in N. H. You are to be commended for your efforts, a great idea !! I was born there, in the old house at the foot of Spring Hill. Most of the old names that I knew are no longer around, either moved away or passed away, the last one, to my knowledge, being Millard Simpson. I tried to get to see him whenever I was up there, I still have a sister living in Houlton. I have the book about Millard's father which I had him autograph one time when I was up there, As you undoubtedly know, Millard's picture is in the front of the book.

I went to grade school in South Amity, went from there to Ricker. Knew just about all the families in town at that time. I believe that the name that I read that this is going to is Cone. Is that perchance a Hodgdon name? It seems that in the distant past I sometimes heard the name of Walter Cone, didn't know him. It appears that yours is a work in progress. In the event that you might think I might have anything of interest to contribute, would enjoy hearing from you.

H. E. Boles