To Amity Matters


To Amity Matters:

I have contemplated an appropriate forum for this message for a while now, and just recently learned of the Amity Matters web site. I grew up in Amity with Darrell Williams. He came from a hard working and respectable family who lived in the town for years. He was raised and went to school with many of the residents who continue to live and work in the town today. It's one thing to steal and deceive a stranger, but quite another to take from the very people who helped to raise and nurture you Darrell. Anyone who grows up in a small town, such as Amity, knows community and feels deeply the struggles and sacrifices that the community makes in order to survive. To take from those who you grew up with and who supported you and your family is inexcusable. I hope that you spends a good long time behind bars with plenty of opportunity to reflect on what you have taken from your family and from the Town of Amity.

Apparently, the God Darrell prays to and the religion he affiliates with is different than the one the rest of us was raised with because the commandments in my Bible say "thou shalt not steal," "thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor" and "honor thy father and mother." Shame on you Darrell owe the Town of Amity and your family much, much better than this.

Karen Farrar Ledger