Honor Roll Fundraising

We already have an offer from a donor who is willing to donate the thirty foot flagpole for the American Flag which was flown over the Capital in Washington, D.C. We still need two twenty foot flag poles for a three flag display.to include the Maine State flag and a POW/MIA flag. When we checked into shipping, we found it would cost over $750.00 for the freight from North Carolina to here for all three flagpoles. A soon-to-be resident who drives over the road said he would see if he could get a discount on freight charges through his company. A call to his dispatcher and Hart Transportation has offered to transport all three flag poles from N.C. to their terminal in Bangor at no cost. We surely can get them up to Amity from Bangor.  Thank you to all!

We will accept donations to help cover the cost of the other two flagpoles; they are $350.00 each.These are fiberglass flagpoles which will flex in >50 mph winds and return straight afterwards.This enables them to withstand wind speeds of well over 100 mph with flags on them. If you are interested in donating a flagpole please contact Larry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 207-538-0482.As soon as the funds are raised, the poles can be on their way.

Anyone donating a Flag Pole will have their name or Business name on a Brass Plaque placed at the base of the American Flag. Any donation of $300.00 or more and your name will be placed on the plaque at the base of the American Flag. All donors will be listed on Amity Matters and receive a receipt from the Town of Amity.

Please make a contribution to help create a fitting Honor Roll for Amity's Veterans.

Donations may be made  directly to the Amity Town Office or through Larry Hamilton. Be sure to make all checks out to the Town of Amity with Honor Roll Donation written in the memo. Anonymous donations may be made through Larry Hamilton.

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