Annual Town Meeting

The Amity Annual Town Meeting will be held on March 31, 2018 at the Reed School by the Town Office. The meeting will start promptly at 9:00AM. There is an opening for selectmen with the term of Joey Ledger expiring. Joey has said he does not intend to run again. There is also a opening for School Board Member with the term of Gorden Ledger expiring in June of 2018.

So if you have an interest in becoming a Selectmen or School Board Member just show up at the meeting, have someone nominate you and you will be in the running. Selectmen and School Board Member are always elected by secret ballot. We will make the warrant available as soon as it becomes available to us.

We encourage all to attend and participate in your local government.

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Town Office Hours

Amity Town Office

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8:00AM to 3:30PM

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State 1-800-442-6003

Amity Baptist Church

Amity Baptist Church

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Wed. Prayer Meeting - 6:00 pm

Rev. Richard McLaughlin