Strout Makes Bail


Robert Strout was able to make the lower bail conditions imposed by Justice Bernard O'Mera and released Monday afternoon after pleading "Not Guilty" to the charges against him. Part of Strout's bail conditions are that he have no contact with the victim's families.

Arrested at 4 pm Friday and at 4 pm on Monday Strout was free to return to his home, which is 7/10th of a mile from the murder scene, to have a cup of coffee with his family perhaps.

One of the Comments in today's Bangor Daily News cites 5th District Court News: August 8, 2009, Tamara Strout, Theft by Unauthorized taking or Transfer in Ellisworth - 48 hours in Jail. Unlawful Posession of a Scheduled Drug - $400 fine, and Operating After License Suspended or Revoked, prior in Ellsworth, August 26th - $500 fine and five days in jail. Then there are two charges of Violating Conditions of Release in Ellsworth, August 26th- 3 days in jail. This same comment states she ran hit the rear of the car in front of her while she was texting last week, nothing has been found yet to substantiate this allegation.