Strout Arrested


According to an informed source, Robert Strout, 63, was arrested at 4 pm at his home in Orient on a Class B charge of Hindering Apprehension and Class A Arson. Both are felony offenses; the first Class B is punishable with up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine. The Class A Arson is punishable with 30 years in jail and $50,000 fine. He is held on $20,000 cash or $100,000 surety bail. If Strout is unable to make bail he is scheduled to appear in court Monday.

A call to Detective John Cote, of the Maine State Police, this evening is awaiting a response.

The Bangor Daily News reported that Strout's name and charges were withheld from the indictment until the arrest of Strout.

Amity residents have waited a long time for this news. Hopes are that the on going air of tension, which has permeated this small town of 200 residents since the day Jason DeHahn, Jeff Ryan ,and young 10 year old Jesse Ryan were murdered in cold blood at the Ryan home on Route 1, will ease some.

It amazes residents how overgrown the once neatly kept yard of the Ryan residence has become in just two months. Toys still sit in the yard waiting for Jesse to come play again some day. Residents also wonder what happened to the neatly piled winter's stock of wood that has disappeared. In a previous Bangor Daily News story, Shannon Ryan said he believed his father's wood was stolen. Just as the residents cannot understand why such a horrible thing happened in Amity, they are equally mystified as to who would steal from a dead man.

The Houlton Pioneer Times reported Tamara Strout was caught and convicted of criminal trespass, supposedly on the Ryan property. There has been much gossip and speculation as to why she can't stay away from Ryan's trailer. Much of the speculation revolves around what evidence she may have left behind at the crime scene.

Residents also wonder if Joy or Tamara Strout will face similar charges as they not only lied to the police, they barefaced lied to the press. Once with the murder sitting right at the table. It is on several of the news videotapes that Tamara lied to the police by stating she and Jeff Ryan were back together.

Joy Strout may not have driven Ormsby out of the state, but she did have him sleeping in her back bedroom when the police were present and did not give him up. Is that not hindering apprehension at the very least?

Jamie Merrill, Jesse Ryan's Mother also expressed her happiness at the arrest as the best news she had received since the arrest of Ormsby. Like everyone else, it bothered Merrill that the Strouts were out and about freely after admitting their lies involvement in covering up the crime.

Robert DeHahn, father of Jason, was very happy with the arrest saying, "There's one more down and more to go!"

Not that Amity residents will keep their guns any less handy; for as they say, "There are still more Strouts out there - so anything can happen".