Family Ties


Many people wish they were as close to their grown children as Robert and Vicki DeHahn were.

Their children and grandchildren lived near enough to them to be daily visitors. Bobby and his two sons worked and traveled together hanging sheetrock. They exemplified the family that worked together and played together. Until that fateful day in June when stranger ripped a hole in the fabric of their family. A hole that can never be mended, made whole, or forgotten.

Three small children, Skyler, Jake, and Isabella no longer have their loving and doting father. A devoted wife, Crystal, lost her hard working life partner, and a loving father and mother, Bobby and Vicki, lost their son in what amounted to the blink of an eye.

What Jason DeHahn learned from his parents about working hard and having a happy family he was passing on to his children. The DeHahn family were outdoor enthusiasts who hunted, fished, and rode snowmobiles and ATVs together. Jason was passing his passion for the outdoors on to his children as it was passed down to him. Jason loved his family and friends.

Today's Bangor Daily News has an interview with Peggy Thiboutot, Jason's aunt. She still finds it hard to believe her nephew was murdered and cannot express how it has affected their family.

Thiboutot is thankful that Jason did not take his 9 year old daughter, Skyler, with him that fateful day. Skyler and 10 year old Jesse Ryan, who was murdered with his father Jeff Ryan and Jason DeHahn, were good friends and frequently played together since they were so close in age.

Thiboutot can no longer look at Amity as the peacful, quiet little town where people did not even bother to lock their doors. Even life long residents are wondering what has happened to their town where the biggest crime in ages was the former town manager getting caught stealing town funds. No one could imagine such violence as the senseless murder of two men and a small boy could ever happen here.

Tomorrow, July 21st, the monster who has admitted to killing the three Amity residents will be arraigned at 1 pm. Many residents have expressed their desire to be in the cortroom to show their support for the DeHahn family and hope justice does not take two years as it did in Darrell William's theft of town funds case.