Strout's Criminal Background


Today's Bangor Daily News lists the elder Robert Strout's lengthy criminal background which goes all the way back to 1966. While the two of the murder victims had minor brushes with the law, 10 year old Jesse Ryan was an innocent.

Strout's early convictions include a felony for taking a motor vehicle without consent and served three months in prison in Windham. Misdemeanors for interferring with an officer and disorderly conduct. These offenses occurred in the Ellsworth and Bar Harbor area.

His criminal record with the Department of Inland fisheries and Wildlife is much more extensive. Strout was convicted of trespass, criminal treapass, discharging a firearm near a dwelling, hunting from a public way, shooting from a motor vehicle or boat, reckless hunting, illegal possession of deer, and even littering. While Strout was mostly fined for his criminal activities in the Ellsworth and Aurora areas; he did have to serve some time in jail in 1986 for illegally possesing deer.

Although first reports listed Tamara Strout as residing in Addison, local residents say she has been living at the Weston residence.

The Lewiston Sun Journal reported that Ormsby told Strout he went to the Ryan home to collect a $10,000 drug debt owed to his father. Ormsby first claimed he killed Ryan because he was a drug dealer. Neither Ormsby's mother or father have stepped forward with any comment on their son's crimes.

It appears many charges could apply to the Strout's for their assistance in covering up this vicious crime.

As the saying goes, "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive" seems to apply perfectly to the Strout famly's situation.

Ormsby's first court appearance will be July 21 at 1 pm at the Aroostook County Courthouse in Houlton. He will be appointed a lawyer at that time.