Why No More Arrests?


Amity residents, recovering from the shock and horror of the gruesome murder of two men and a 10 year old boy, are reacting with anger that none of the murder's accomplices have been arrested or charged.

Residents cannot understand why none of the Robert Strout family have been taken into custody after confessing to helping accused murderer Thayne Ormsby dispose of evidence and flee the state. The description by police of Robert Strout as a key witness in the crime has residents asking why they need Strout's testimony if the killer has confessed.

Many residents feel the Strout's are "in it up to their necks, all of them" and are expressing their outrage that nothing has been done with them. A common thread in the list of complaints is that the Strout's had so many chances to turn Ormsby over to law enforcement. Instead Robert Strout decided to share a coffee with a blood soaked Ormsby immediately after the murders.

Strout chose to follow Ormsby to Tamara Strout's home in Weston and left Ormsby there; a perfect opportunity to call 911. Why didn't Strout bring law enforcement back with him when he went back to Tamara Strout's house? If Ormsby left Tamara Strout's house in his underwear as Robert Strout recounts, where did he get the clothes he was seen wearing at the lot where the truck was burned?

Many feel Ormsby could not have known about the clearing he burned Ryan's pickup in. Someone had to show him that spot, a spot some say Strout knew of. Why didn't Strout bring the police with him when he came back to pick Ormsby up after the pickup was burned?

The Strouts let Ormsby sleep in a back room while the police were interviewing them. If they did not wish to speak aloud that Ormsby was the killer, they could have merely pointed to the room Ormsby was sleeping in. Every opportunity Strout had to turn over Ormsby and help solve the horrible crime; he chose to help the killer instead.

Ormsby stated, in his affadavit to New Hampshire Police, that it was Robert Strout who said he had to get out of the state. Robert Strout, after first lying to police, admitted to driving Ormsby to Robert Strout II's apartment in Dover New Hampshire. There Strout II's boyfriend provided a hair cut to hide the hair burned when Ormsby set fire to the pickup he took from Jeff Ryan's residence at the time of the murder.

"If a murderer threatened your family, why you would take the murder to your son's home?" one Amity resident questioned.

Another resident commented that it still breaks his heart to drive by the Ryan residence and see the toys in the yard and know he will never see the little boy play with them again.

Even though the killer has been caught and confessed, Amity residents are still dismayed that nothing has been done to the Strouts after their admitted involvement with the crime.