Ormsby Worked for Political Candidate


An article taken from the Daily Bulldog gives John Frary's account of the Thayne Ormsby he knew. It is rather long and you can view the entire statement at Daily Bulldog. The Bulldog is a Franklin County newspaper.

According to the article, Ormsby was one of three live in aides that worked for Frary, of Farmington, when he ran for Congress in 2008. Frery describes Ormsby as one of three homeless men he took in to help out on his campaign for Rep. Mike MIchaud's seat in 2008. Ormsby stayed on after the election while the other two men left. Ormsby talked about joining the Marines, but always found excuses for not going to see a recruiter. Frary claims he never suspected Ormsby could do something like this.

WLBZ 2 News carries an interview with Paulette Hanscom, an aunt of the slain Jason DeHahn. The family still feels that it would be nearly impossible for one person carry out the three murders.

"You have to keep going," said Hanscom, "and we are not going to fail Jason...We won't do that because Jason was special and that's what's going to keep us going. With emotion filling her voice, Hanscom described Jason DeHahn as "an every day person with a good heart and good soul."

Robert DeHahn, the victim's father, described his son as his best friend.

Ormsby was arrraigned in Rochester District Court in Dover, New Hampshire today via video feed from the Stafford County Jail. He does not have a lawyer and did not enter a plea on the fugitive from justice charge. Ormsby will be held without bail until an extradition hearing scheduled for July 16th.