Possible Murder Weapon Found


Police believe they may have found the knife used in the triple homicide on Route One last week. Police have been searching a bog, along the East side of Route One in Orient.The bog is located down the road from the Robert Strout residence. Ormsby admitted that Strout drove him to the bog where he threw the knife into the water. Search teams and divers waded through mud, chest high grass clumps and muddy brook bottoms diligently searching and were rewarded for their efforts by finding a knife they hope is the murder weapon.

Reports late last night on various news and media outlets stated that it was the murder weapon, but they have since removed both the pictures and stories from their online news. They are now saying it is unclear if the knife Police found is connected to this case.

Ormsby claims he planned to fix up Tamara Strout's home in Weston and planned to live there with Tamara Strout and Mariah Ryan. Mariah Ryan is the 16 year old daughter of Strout and Jeff Ryan, one of the men Ormsby murdered.

WLBZ TV 2 News interviewed Jamie Merrill, mother of 10 year old Jesse Ryan, after the arrest of Ormsby. Merrill said she never heard of Ormsby. She said she knew the Strouts, but claimed she and Jeff never got along with the them. She still cannot understand why Ormsby would kill her son.

Ormsby claimed he did not know Ryan's son, Mariah's half brother, or Jason DeHahn, a friend of Ryan's. Ormsby will be arrainged in Rochester, NH on Tuesday, July 6.

Although Amity residents are relieved that a suspect has been caught, the savage slaying of two men and a 10 year old boy in this quiet little town still have residents in shock.

People are having a hard time understanding the Strout's involvement and why they did not turn Ormsby over to the police immediately when they found out what he had done. It would appear the Strouts' had plenty of time to dial 911 while Ormsby was cleaning up at Tamara Strout's home in Weston.The Strout's had the opportunity to turn him in when State Police interviewed Robert and Joy Strout at their home in Orient and Ormsby was sleeping in the back room. Instead they admit they helped get him out of the state.