Arrest Made

6/30/2010 - 7/01/2010

An arrest has been made today in the murders of Jesse and Jeff Ryan and Jason DeHahn. Maine State Police have charged Thayne Ormsby, 20, of Orient with three counts of murder. Ormsby was arrested in Dover, NH on a fugitive from justice charge.

WAGM Channel 8 Evening News reported that the State Police are searching areas of Amity, Orient, and Weston based on evidence they have gathered. Investigators have worked tirelessly on solving this terrible crime that has kept Amity residents locking their doors.

The Bangor Daily News reports that a search warrant had been served on the Route One home of Robert Strout in Orient this morning. The State Police Evidence Team and several detectives are searching for evidence connecting him with the crime. He is the father of Tamara Strout, Ryan's former girlfriend.

Tamara Strout and Ryan have a 16 year old daughter together. Strout, of Addison, told police on the day of the murders that she and Ryan had rekindled their relationship and that he had recently asked her to marry him.Tamara Strout, Robert and Joy Strout's daughter, is reported to be a long time friend of the killer's mother, Maria Ormsby.

The entire affidavit of Detective Joshua Haines was printed on WLBZ TV 2 and describes the entire story of the murders. It can now be found here. Warning: the content is quite graphic. Out of respect for the DeHahn family and the families of the other vicitms, Amity Matters will not print these details at first. We have since decided to make it available, before it is moved from the WLBZ site,

Search Warrents were executed at the homes of Tamara Strout in Weston and Robert Strout in Orient on Friday. According to many news reports, Ormsby had been staying with Robert Strout and his family. He was present at the table when Bangor Daily News Reporter Jen Lynds interviewed Joy Strout concerning the homicide.

Robert Strout spoke with news media (see video) shortly after the slayings stating what a great father Jeff Ryan was. Strout is also the grandfather of Mariah Ryan, Jeff' and Tamara Strout's daughter. Yet he admits to harboring and assisted the person who killed her father.

With the killer caught and making statements; the finger pointing has begun - who knew what and when did they know it. As more information comes out, the stranger and more twisted the tale becomes. Residents will not rest easy until all the facts come out and justice is meted out to a murderer and any accomplices.

Jake DeHahn, Jason's brother, said he did not know Ormsby but heard that Tamara Strout had brought him to town a while ago. DeHahn still feels that it would have taken more than one person to have overpowered and murdered his brother Jason.

Amity Matters and the residents of Amity would like to commend the State Police and all the other agencies involved for their diligence and hard work in solving this crime so swiftly. State Police said that information from the public would solve this crime. Many thanks to the alert citizens who came forward with the information that broke the case.